A closer look 1 - Unit 5 - Tiếng anh 9 thí điểm

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em bài dịch và hướng dẫn làm bài tập phần A closer look 1 - Unit 5 - Tiếng anh 9 thí điểm.

1. Write the words with the corect picture 
Viết từ vào bức tranh đúng 

A. cavern

B. limestone

C. fortress

D. tomb

E. citadel

F. sculpture

1.B   2.D   3.A   4.E   5.C   6.F 
2. Fill in each blank with a suitable adjective from the box.
Điền vào mỗi chỗ trống 1 từ thích hợp. 

geological      located/situated       picturesque

astounding    administrative

  • The hotel is beautifully______ in a quiet spot near the river.
  • It is a quiet fishing village with a _______ harbour.
  • The original size of the Forbidden City is ______-it's hard to believe.
  • This book is about ________ features of Viet Nam.
  • Ha Noi is the ________ centre of our country.
  • Key: 

    1. located/situated                                 

    2. picturesque                      

    3. astounding

    3. geological    

    5. administrative

    3a. Match the nouns in A to the definitions in B 

    Nối những danh từ ở cột A với định nghĩa ở cột B 

    b. Now use the nouns in 3a to complete the sentences.

  • This______ has been standing since the 15th century.
  • The government must take______ to present historical sites in the area.
  • I like a hotel in a beautiful______ of landscape gardens.
  • The Imperial Citadel ofThang Long is a ______ that consists of royal palaces and monuments.
  • There is a growing____ that protecting natural wonders has financial benefits as well as cultural importance. 
  • Key: 


    1.b  2.d   3.a  4.e  5.c 


    1. structure 

    2. measures 

    3. setting 

    4. complex 

    5. recognition 

    4. Listen and repeat, paying attention to the words in red in each pair of sentences. 

    Nghe và nhắc lại, tập trung vào các chữ in đỏ trong mỗi cặp câu 

    1.  A: This is (S)  solution, but not the only one.

    B: Attempts to find a (W) solution have failed.

    2. A: I'm fond of (W) bananas.

    B: Bananas are what I'm fond of.(S)

    3. A: It's not trick and (S) treat; it's trick or (S) treat.

    B: I need Peter and (W) Mary or (W) John and (W) Nick to help me.

    4. A: It's good but (W) expensive.

    B: You shouldn't put ‘but’ (S) at the end of the sentence.

    5. Read the mini-talks and underline the short words (for, the, from, and, but, at, of, to) you think use the strong form.

    Then listen and check.

    Đọc đoạn hội thoại ngắn và gạch chân các từ ngắn (for, the, from, and, but,at.of,to) mà bạn nghĩ được đặt trọng âm

    Nghe và kiểm tra


    A: Who are you looking for?

    B: Peter is the person I'm looking for.

    1. A: Where are you from?

    B: I'm from Ha Noi.

    2. A: Can you come and check this paragraph for me?

    B: It's OK but you shouldn't use ‘and’ at the beginning of the paragraph.

    3. A: Did you ask her to join our group?

    B: I've asked her several times but she doesn't want to.

    4. A: Is this letter from Peter?

    B: No, the letter is to him, not from him.


    '1. A: Where are vou from?

    3 A: 

     Did you ask her to join our group?

        B: I'm from Ha Noi.


    I: I've asked her several times but she

    2. A: Can you come and check this           paragraph for me?


    doesn't want to.

        B: It's OK but you shouldn't use          ‘and’ at the

    4. A: 

     Is this letter from Peter?

        beginning of the paragraph.


     No. the letter is to him, not from him.

    6. Work in pairs. Practise the mini-talks in 5.

    Làm việc thoe cặp . Thực hành các đoạn hội thoại ở bài tập 5.


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