Bài kiểm tra năng lực - Phần 2

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài kiểm tra đánh giá năng lực môn Tiếng Anh.

I. Complete the dialogue with some, any, much or many.
A. OK, let's prepare fried rice. How (1)_______________________rice do we have in the cupboard?
B. About two kilograms.
A. Fine. Are there (2)_______________________prawns?
B. No, I can't see (3)_______________________in the fridge.
A. Well, make a note on the shopping list – we need (4)_______________________prawns.
B. And vegetables? Do we need (5)_______________________vegetables? 
A. Sure! Peas and mushrooms.
B. Well, there are (6)_______________________tins of peas on the shelf, but there aren't (7)_______________________mushrooms. How (8)_______________________do you want?
A. About 12. Please put those on the shopping list too.                                                                
Mark: __ /8
II. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences or questions.
1. cheese / at / shouldn't / eat / you / night _________________________________. 
2. meat / I / how / should / buy / much _________________________________? 
3. fruit / more / should / eat / they _________________________________.
4. number / him / phone / I / should / give / my _________________________________? 
5. she / father / letter / a / her / to / write / should _________________________________. 
6. party / to / wear / they / the / boots / shouldn't _________________________________.  
Mark: __ /6
III. Write the sentences using should or shouldn't.
1. The weather is very cold today. she / wear / shorts _______________________________.
2. I'm really tired, but there's a good film on TV. you / go / to bed _____________________.
3. There are no trains today. he / take / bus _______________________________.
4. They want to get a good job. they / study / hard _______________________________.
5. Dan can't walk very quickly. we / wait for him _______________________________.
6. The blouse is very expensive. she / buy / it _______________________________.      
Mark: __ /6
IV. Match the words below with the correct sentences.
                                  cheese   ham   apples   lemons   potatoes   tuna   tomatoes  
1. This fruit is usually green, red or yellow. _______________________
2. We use these vegetables to make chips. _______________________
3. We often use this fish in salads. _______________________
4. There's a lot of this dairy product on pizzas. _______________________
5. They're red and we use them in salads. _______________________
6. We often use this meat in sandwiches. _______________________
7. A yellow fruit, similar to oranges. _______________________                                
Mark: __ /7
V. Underline the wrong word in each group.
1. dairy products: cheese / milk / lamb
2. farm animals: cows / rice / sheep
3. animal products: butter / lamb / cabbage
4. processed food: bananas / burgers / sausages
5. healthy food: fish / snacks / vegetables
6. human body: beef / knee / shoulder
Mark: __ /6
VI. Write the words in brackets correctly.
1. He walks in the park as part of his _______________ (metertant).
2. This drink helps to _______________ (ercu) stomach problems. 
3. The doctor visits his _______________ (pestatin) every morning.
4. The bright lights give me a bad _______________ (aaeehhcd).
5. He takes his _______________ (edeminic) twice a day. 
6. At the weekend, we like to _______________ (exral) at home. 
7. She can't write because her hand is so _______________ (pinufla).                                        
Mark: __ /7
VII. Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
    balanced   bowl   bunch   fattening   fizzy   how   should   shouldn’t   slice   tasty   would  
1. As part of a _________ diet, Japanese people believe it’s important to have a _________ of rice with most of their meals.
2. You _________ buy chocolate when you want a snack. A small _________ of grapes is more healthy.
3. _________ you like a _________ of lemon in your tea?
4. You ______ always clean your teeth after drinking _______ drinks! They have a lot of sugar in them.
5. Unhealthy food is often _________, but it’s usually very _________ too!                                
Mark: ___ /10
VIII. Read the text.                                           
                                                                 An internet forum 
Iliana 14th April 4.30 p.m.
           My parents always tell me my lifestyle is unhealthy. Mum says I eat too much fast food, but how much is too much? I go out with my friends twice a week, and we have pizzas, burgers and a coke.  Where's the problem? That's what young people normally do! I have lots of fruit at home, I eat normal home cooking – I'm not a fussy eater like a vegan or anything! My dad says I should get more exercise, but he sits on the sofa all day watching the TV!
Magda 14th April 4.50 p.m.
           You shouldn't worry about what your parents think! My parents are never happy with what I do, but you learn not to listen! Have you got any brothers or sisters with a food problem? I have a sister who doesn't like vegetables, fish or cheese. She only likes sausages, pasta and fruit! I think she should see a doctor! But my parents don't worry very much – they say it's just part of growing up!
Petra 15th April 11.20 a.m.
         You two are lucky! Your parents know how to cook! They should send my parents to a cookery school! We get cabbage four times a week, and take-away meals the other days. When I want some fruit, I have to buy it myself. My father's like Homer Simpson – he eats everything and anything, and then he wants some more! It's painful to watch him and I get a headache from listening to him! Maybe I should go and live with my grandparents – they always have good food!
Write the correct names (Iliana, Magda or Petra) in the blanks.
1. ________________ sometimes has fast food.
2. ________________ doesn't listen to her parents.
3. ________________ prefers her grandparents' cooking.
4. ________________ 's father doesn't do any exercise.
5. ________________ 's parents don't give her any fruit.                                                                
 Mark: __ /5
________THE END________

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