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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài kiểm tra đánh giá năng lực môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9.





I. Complete the sentences with the correct passive forms, using the words in brackets.

1. Students ___________________ how they have done until the after the exams. (will not, usually, tell)

2. Without expensive spare parts his motorcycle ___________________ . (can, not mend)

3. People believed the sword ___________________ out of the stone. (can, not pull)

4. The remaining members of the gang ___________________ by the police. (now, arrest)

5. When the reporters arrived, police _____ the crime scene and were assessing the damage. (show)

6. Police thought the fire ___________________ deliberately. (might, start)

7. I ___________________ I look like the Foreign Secretary. (often, tell)

8. I don't think your mother deserves ___________________ to like that. (speak)

9. Last week fans ___________________ before entering the stadium. (carefully, search)

10. Since I moved to Cambridge, _______ by tourists asking for directions. (always, stop)

Mark ____/10

II. Rewrite the active sentences using a suitable passive form. Use by … if necessary to say who is responsible for the action.

1. The Roman army easily defeated the native people.   

 → The native people _____________________________

2. We won't ask students to take the test again if they get over fifty per cent.

→ Students who get over fifty per cent ______________________________

3. Someone will present the Queen with gifts made by local children.

→ The Queen _________________________________________________

4. A group of old-age pensioners will visit the Prime Minister.  

→ The Prime Minister ___________________________________________

5. We must give our politicians a clear signal.                              

→ Our politicians ________________________________________________

6. Someone was watching the vandals but they didn't know.     

→ The vandals didn't know ________________________________________

7. They're sure their opponents will beat them.              

→ They are sure they _____________________________________________

8. It is the real cheats they should punish.                        

→ The real cheats are the ones __________________________________________

9. We were upset that they told us not to use the beach.           

→ We didn't like _______________________________________________________

10. For a long time Amanda didn't realize someone was lying to her.

→ It was a long time before Amanda realized ______________________.                        

Mark ____/10


III. Complete the text with the words below.

enter      download      upload      scan      click      zoom in      edit      log on      plug      scroll

            Adding photos to your profile is easy. Open the website and (1) _________ your username and password to (2) _________ to your account. (3) __________ down the Media menu and (4) __________ on Photos. You can (5) ___________ any photo to your profile as long as it is saved on your computer. To transfer photos from your camera, just (6) _________ it in via the USB port. To share printed photos, you will need to (7) _________ them in and save them on your computer first. Before you add a photo to your profile, you may want to (8) _________ it and save your changes. You can cut out unwanted parts, or (9) ___________ on an important detail. If you want to control who can view or (10) __________ your photos, check your privacy settings.                                                                                                      Mark ____/10

IV. Complete the sentences with appropriate synonyms for the words in brackets.

1. Compared to previously prescribed medication for this illness, Curesol has fewer ____________. (unwanted consequences )

2. Sophisticated equipment is used to measure the eye precisely before any ________________ eye treatment is performed. (beam of light)

3.Adult physical appearance is determined by ________________ traits such as eye color, as well as external factors such as childhood nutrition. (genetically received)

4. Medical technology is ________________ rapidly, with more sophisticated procedures possible every year. (progressing)

5. The use of certain scientific advances, such as ______, remains very controversial. (DNA alteration)

Mark ____/5

V. Choose the correct answers.

1. The women committed/ convicted of robbing the post office were sent to prison for three years.

2. The young man was acquitted/ convicted due to the lack of evidence against him.

3. Three students were found/ pleaded guilty of pirating DVDs and selling them to the public.

4. The young couple defrauded/ committed a series of crimes, mainly forgery and theft.

5. The controversial pop star was sentenced/ convicted to ten years in prison for drug offences.

Mark _____/5

Use of English

VI. Complete the sentences with the correct word.

1. The file can be opened by d________-clicking on the icon.

2. Just d_________ the photos that you don’t want.

3. Children whose parents used in vitro fertilization are often called test t_________ babies.

4. A computer h_______ who gained access to top secret government websites was arrested by police.

5. Doctors are giving elderly people i_________ of a new vaccine to protect them against flu.

6. To enter the hotel room, just s_________ the key card through the lock.

7. It’s easy to c_________ the download if you don’t want to wait until it’s finished.

8. One of the most amazing scientific a_____ of this century was the mapping of the human genome.

9. Technicians working in a scientific l_________ in Scotland have made an important discovery.

10. V_________ have smashed a bus shelter near our house. They have done a lot of damage.

Mark ____/10


VII. Read the text and choose the correct answers A, B, C or D.

Crime today: Jet Street gang

       Street gangs, already prominent in large cities and urban areas, are rapidly becoming more popular among young people. With their membership expanding, the rate of street crime in some communities has risen dramatically in the last few years. One of the largest and most prolific criminal gangs in the world today, with an estimated membership of thousands in San Francisco, and tens of thousands in other areas of North and Central America, is the Jet Street gang. This transnational criminal organization started as a small street gang in one of the poorest areas of San Francisco and has been active since the 1980s in many regions of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

      In the last decade, state police forces, the FBI and customs and immigration officers have been involved in a number of cases where they undertook raids and carried out arrests of suspects right across the regions where the gang operates. The gang’s criminal activities range from minor criminal offences, such as petty theft, joyriding, shoplifting and vandalism, to serious criminal activities such as drug trafficking, arson, robbery, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, identity document forgery, fraud, and murder.

      "Every police officer and most judges recognize the name ‘Jet Street gang’", says special FBI agent Bob Hemsley. "They are one of the most prolific street gangs in the USA. They steal cars, burgle homes, and I'd say that someone is robbed by one of the gang members every day."

       "It's a well-established gang and its members commit all kinds of street crimes," claims Raphael Dominguez, who oversees investigations by the Bureau of Firearms and Drug Trafficking in Central America. "They are devoted to the gang and to the letter J. We see street graffiti and tattoos with variations of the letter J all the time. Gang members also identify themselves with the letter J on their clothing."

         Unfortunately, most gang members caught and arrested by police officers do not make it to court. Witnesses often pull out of trials, as they fear for their lives. This is quite understandable due to the number of threats they receive from gang members prior to the trial. As fast as arrests are made, accused gang members are released, often due to alibis provided by other gang members. And if a gang member does eventually appear in court, he is likely to be acquitted and released due to a lack of evidence.

1. The writer claims that_________.

A. crime committed on the streets is generally on the rise.

B. due to the street gang Jet Street operating on the streets, crime has risen dramatically.

C. the violence of street gangs is going up, hence crime is on the increase.

D. the crime rate in some areas is directly influenced by the rising number of street gang members.

2. According to the article, _________.

A. a vandal or a thief who steals small items is less of an offender than a fraudster or arsonist.

B. the Jet Street gang commits a large number of trafficking offences.

C. police officers have arrested a large number of 13th Street gang members recently.

D. a large number of Jet Street gang members have been arrested and imprisoned for their crimes.

3. One of the police officers quoted in the article says that the gang_________.

A. is the most important street gang in the world today.

B. is well known in the law enforcement community.

C. has committed almost all existing crimes.

D. has many members who escape from police after being arrested.

4. The article says that_________.

A. most policemen have met one of the gang members.

B. the Jet Street gang is among the most active gangs in America.

C. the letter ‘J’ is important to members of gangs.

D. the Jet Street gang members commit car theft and burglary on a daily basis.

5. According to the article, _________.

A. most gang members eventually stand trial in court.

B. gang members get threats from other gang members when they go to court.

C. there is lack of witnesses in gang member trials, as they often get threatened by other gang members.

D. gang members have a witness in court who gives them an alibi.                      

 Mark _____/5

_______THE END_______



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