Bài kiểm tra năng lực 2 Tiếng Anh 9

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài kiểm tra đánh giá năng lực số 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9.





I. Complete the sentences with appropriate passive forms. Use the words in brackets.

1. The ancient Greeks ________________ a food similar to yoghurt. (now, believe, make)

2. Some of our former employees _______________ for doing nothing. (expect, pay)

3. At the time it was expected that workers ______________ protective clothing. (will, tell, wear)

4. Today it _______________ dangerous to use DDT to kill insects. It’s illegal now. (know, be)

5. Lorries ___________ on this road ten years ago. (will, rarely, see)

6. It ________________ that social security encourages people to be lazy. (often, suggest)

7. The penalty _______________ unfairly. (later, feel, give)

8. Currently the fire ________________ by one of the pupils. (widely, assume, start)

9. After the war some of the soldiers who ______________ came home. (think, kill)

10. In the past it _______ less important to protect children from the sun. (use to, think)

Mark __/10

II. Complete the sentences with a, an, the, or X for no article.

1. Adrian bought______ wrong light bulb and had to go back to______ shop.

2. ______ police asked if anyone had called______ ambulance yet.

3. Measurements showed that the levels of ______ radiation in ______ soil at the factory were not high.

4. I've been to several shops in ______ Paris looking for ______ present for my mum.

5. We could see ______ rain was not going to clear, so we spent the afternoon at ______ home.

6. Neither of us wants ______ big wedding, so we'll both just invite ______ few of our friends.

7. The food was so good and ______ boys were so hungry that that they ate a whole plate of ______ sandwiches.

8. Much of what he told the headmaster was ______ truth, but a few things he said were ______ lies.

9. I suggest you take ______ taxi instead of the bus or you might miss ______ beginning of the film.

10. Very few restaurants serve ______ food all day, but most of ______ cafes in the town centre do.

Mark __/20


III. Choose the correct words to complete the text.

        I took my girlfriend out for dinner the other day to an expensive restaurant. I was a little worried things might go a little (1 pie-/ pear-) shaped because I hadn't booked a table, but luckily everything went fine. We ordered a (2 creamy/ greasy) mushroom soup as a starter, which was rich in flavors and had a beautifully (3 crumbly/ smooth) texture. We're not too keen on (4 stodgy/ mild) food – we prefer light dishes – so we ordered the fresh fish with steamed vegetables. When the main course arrived, it looked absolutely (5 tasteless/ mouth-watering) we couldn't wait to eat it! The food was fantastic. The fish was cooked to perfection, with lovely (6 chewy/ crunchy) vegetables on the side, and it came with a slightly (7 spicy/ bland) sauce, which probably had some chilli in it. We had a wonderful dessert too: it was a (8 sweet/ stale) rice pudding with slices of perfectly (9 ripe / sticky) mango. All the dishes we had were really (10 tasty/ bitter), and several of them were exceptional, so we're thinking of going there again soon.                                                                            

Mark _____/10

IV. Complete the sentences with appropriate food words.

1. If you drink f_________ t_________ coffee, you can help farmers escape poverty.

2. If you consume more c_________ than your body burns, you gain weight.

3. O_________ foods are foods that are produced without chemical pesticides.

4. Having high levels of c_________ in your body puts you at risk of heart disease.

5. L_________-_________ diets are diets that cut out or restrict consumption of foods like bread, pasta and rice as a method of weight control.                                                                                      

Mark _____/7

V. Complete the sentences with a verb or noun formed from the adjectives below.

ready                         ripe                              legal                          sharp                          possible

1. The government is debating whether to _____________ some drugs for medical use.

2. The athlete was unsure about his _____________ to take part in the Olympics after his knee injury.

3. I can't cut the meat with this knife. We need to have it _____________ .

4. There is a slight _____________ that the concert will be cancelled if it rains too heavily.

5. Perfect _____________ is essential if you want to get the full flavor of strawberries. 

Mark _____/5

Use of English

VI. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. This meat is very _____. It just melts in your mouth and is very easy to eat.

A. tender                                B. chewy                     C. crumbly

2. Don’t eat _____ chicken. You must cook it first!

A. bland                                  B. spicy                       C. raw

3. The chef’s cooking is thought ____ inspired by North African recipes.

A. being                                  B. that it is                  C. to be

4. Tim refuses ____ waiting.

A. to be kept                           B. being kept              C. be kept

5. Lucy’s so lazy. She’s ____

A. in a nutshell                       B. full of beans           C. a couch potato

6. Jack arranged ____ Sally in the hotel lobby.

A. to meet                               B. meet                       C. meeting

7. They are going to ____ the life of the famous chef in the film.

A. fictionalize                         B. fiction                     C. fictionalization

8. Fleur’s Flowers is ______ most well-known flower shop in my town.

A. 0                                          B. a                                          C. the

9. All the holiday-makers left ______ this morning.

A. by a bus                                         B. by the bus              C. by bus

10. ____ the mushrooms are inedible.

A. Most                                   B. Most of                   C. Mostly among                       Mark ____/10


VII. Read the texts. Match the sentences with the correct person A–D. There is one person you need to use twice.

 A. There are many people who are pro-GM food, mainly because producing it has so many advantages, such as disease resistance, cold tolerance and higher nutritional value than non-GM foods. But I have my reservations and concerns, and I am not the only one. If you research GM foods, you will find that there are thousands of environmental activists, religious groups, scientists and even government officials who criticize it. I think we all believe in changing a situation where private companies want to make as much profit as possible and do not care enough about the potential dangers of GM food. Very few conclusive studies have been done on the possible side effects of GM food on human health – they simply haven’t been around long enough to be sure. That is the main reason why I try to buy as little GM food as possible.

B. When I go shopping, I try to buy mostly organic food, and I regularly buy food such as fruit, vegetables and free-range eggs and milk directly from farmers. I am on a low-carb diet, so I have to eat a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables. I never buy white bread; I only eat whole meal bread and pasta. I always try to avoid dishes which are too sugary or salty. I believe I eat the right number of calories per day, which is easier when I leave out greasy foods like burgers and chips, or drinks that contain vast amounts of sugar, such as cola or lemonade. So overall, I think I eat a healthy, balanced diet. My cholesterol levels are certainly what they should be, if that is a reliable indication of my state of health.

C. When the weather gets cold, I start craving more stodgy food than in the summer months. So I start buying more of it and eating more of it, and then I end up putting on weight. I'm not sure how to change this, as my cravings for unhealthy food are just uncontrollable. I wonder if it’s natural for everyone during winter. Perhaps I need to see a food specialist to recommend a diet that would help overcome my cravings – otherwise my weight gain might become a serious health problem.

D. In my family, we've never bought anything but organic food. We do so due to our belief that organic food is more sustainable and natural, and shows more concern for the welfare of animals. I personally couldn't eat any meat, poultry, eggs or dairy foods that came from animals that were fed with lots of antibiotics or any other unnatural additives. I also try to buy food from local farm shops which are government-certified. One of the most important aspects of organic food is the fact that the farmers producing organic food must use sustainable farming methods, which help to preserve the health of our soil and water for future generations.

1. _______ doesn‘t eat fast food as it is too fatty and sugary.

2. _______ eats heavy food because he or she has a strong desire for it .

3. _______ chooses not to consume food that contains added artificial substances.

4.  ______ does not buy certain foods due to lack of reliable research on how they might negatively affect us.  

5. _______ is on a special diet that requires them to eat plenty of fresh produce.      

Mark _______/5

__________THE END__________

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