Bài tập về giới từ - Phần 2

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 643 

DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài tập trắc nghiệm cơ bản về giới từ.



1. One minute she's listening ____ me, the next minute she's interrupting me.

a. to                   b. at                        c. on                  d. toward

2. Laura's friend is going out_______ Tom.

a. at                   b. with                   c. to                   d over

3. Michael and Jack are very good________ tennis and baseball.

a. with               b. on                       c. at                   d. in

4. My sister is talking ________ the phone.

a. on                  b. at                        c. with               d to

5. People usually smile ________ babies.

a. in                   b. to                       c. at                   d. into

6. My friends like you very much. They often ask      you.

a. about             b. on                       c. with               d. to

7. The girl___ the long eyelashes is always smiling at you.

a. about             b. on                       c. with               d. in

8. Some people are always talking ____         sports.

a. at                   b. about                  c. to                   d. over

9. They ran___ the road.

a. across             b. opposite             c to                    d. in

10. We had a picnic on the hill _________ the village.

a. on                      b. over                 c. above             d. of

11.1 put the ladder___ the wall.

     a. against              b. up                    c. on                   d. upon

12. The snake moved quietly ______ the tall grass.

       a. on                      b. in                        c. across       d. through

13. People see  _________          their eves.

     a. with                   b. by                       c. on               d. through

14. I alwavs eat  ­­­­_______          the cafeteria.

    a. on                       b. in                        c. by                d. from

15. January comes   __________ February

    a. over                   b. in                        c. after              d. before

16. Every morning I leave home __________  eight o'clock.

    a. until                  b. to                        c. at                   d. from

17. Sometimes I walk _____________          work.

    a. at                       b. to                        c. along            d. with

18. I write all new words    __________         my notebook.

    a. to                       b. by                        c. with            d. for

19. I like to travel    ________        plane.

    a. on                      b. by                      c. with             d. for

20. What is the opposite    _________        the word?

    a. of                      b. to                        c. with             d. from



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