Bài tập về giới từ chỉ thời gian - Phần 3

 - Người đăng bài viết: Mai Thị Ngọc Huyền  - Chuyên mục :  Đã xem: 1290 

DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em học sinh bài tập trắc nghiệm cơ bản về giới từ chỉ thời gian trong Tiếng Anh.


1. I arrive___ work at nine o'clock.

a. at                   b. in                       c. to                   d. for

2. How many months are there_________ a year?

a. by                  b. for                      c. in                   d. during

3. January is the First month____ the year.

a. of                   b. from                   c. by                  d. in.

4. I was late___ class yesterday.

a. to                   b. for                      c. in                   d. until

5. I  always eat__ home.

a. at                        b. in                   c. from                       d. to

6. There is a large map__ the wall.

a .by                      b. in                     c on                d. agaisnt

7.  She explained everything_ me.

a. to                    b. with                   c. toward        d. by

8  April comes__ March.

a. after               b. before                c. during                     d. with

9. I spoke___ Carmen about that matter.

a. with               b. to                       c. at                d. into

10.John put the letter___ the mailbox.

a. at                   b. out of                 c. on               d. into

11.I get up___ seven o'clock every morning.

a. till                  b. in                        c. for              d. at

12.They always come to school_ bus.

a. on                  b. by                       c. with                        d.in

13.I took the letter___ the mailbox.

a. from              b. in                        c. with                        d. out

14.Yesterday Andy paid my fare the bus.

a. for                  b. on                      c. in                d. at

15. I had only a sandwich_______ lunch.

a. for                  b. to                       c at                 d. by

16. Don't write your exercises _______ pencil.

a. with               b. in                       c. by               d. from

17. There is a large desk__ the living room.

a. on                  b. under                 c. in                d. at

18. There is a night table_______ my bed.

a. on                  b. in                        c. next to        d. at

19. There is a door__ one end of the room.

a. next to           b. in                        c. at                d. beside

20. My bed is__ a large, open window.

a. under             b. in                        c. on               d. above


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