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1. Listen and practise saying the sentences. Pay attention to the underlined words.

Nghe và thực hành nói những câu sau. Tập trung vào những từ được gạch chân.

1. My town is nice and peaceful, but it isn't very big.

2. Da Nana Museum of Cham Sculpture attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

3.  A: Were vou wearing a helmet when you fell off your bike?

     B: No, I wasn't.

4. Son: Can I go to a party tonight. Mum?

    Mother: OK, but please don't make noise whenyou come home.

5. A: Mv mum's really a good friend of mine.

    B: Is she? Mine is very strict towards me.


Audio script 

1.My town is nice and peaceful, but it isn't very big.

2.Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

3.  A: Were you wearing a helmet when you fell off your bike?

B: No, I wasn't.

4.  Son. Can I go to a party tonight, mum?

Mother OK, but please don't make noise when you come home.

5. A:  My mum's really a good friend of mine.

B: Is sheMine is very strict towards me.

2. Look at the underlined words in the sentences and mark them as W (weak) or S (strong). Then listen to check and practise.

Nhìn vào những từ được gạch chân trong câu và đánh dấu W( nhẹ) hoặc S ( mạnh). Nghe để kiểm tra và thực hành. 

Audio script 

1. A: Is (W) Minh happy about winning the scholarship?

    B: Yes, he is (S). But his parents are (W) happier.

2. A: I can't (S) understand it! Aren't (S) you my son?

    B: I'm terribly sorry, dad. But it isn't (S) entirely my fault.  

3. A:Pho Hien is (W) a very old town in North Viet Nam.

    B: Is it (S)? Where is it (W) located?

4. A: Ifs (W) raining. Are they (W) wearing raincoats?

    B:  She (S) is, but he (S) isn't.

3. Match the verbs in column A with the words/phrases in column B 

Nối động từ ở cột A với từ/ cụm từ ở cột B 


a home business

pull down

high expectations


a handicraft


worried and frustrated

set up



an old building




with someone


- reduce pollution

- pull down an old building

- empathise with someone

- make a handicraft

-set up a home business

-feel worried and frustrated

-have high expectations

-provide employment 

4. Fill each gap with a word from the box 

Điền mỗi chỗ trống 1 từ 

attraction     giant     excited      interest 

fascinating   tallest     symbol     affordable 

The London Eye, also known as the Millenr Wheel, is a (1)____ observation wheel in London. The entire structure is 135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter 120 metres (394 ft). When erected in 1999 it was the world's (2) __ observation wheel.It is now one of the most popular (3) ____in the world. It is considered to be a (4)_________ London. People make special journeys to see the (5)_____ giant wheel. 15,000 people can ride * wheel every day. They feel (6)_____ to climb look back down on it. Not just rich people, but everybody can do this. It is public and (7), and it has become a place of (8)________ in London.


1. giant         2. tallest       3. attractions        4. symbol

5. fascinating 6. excited      7. affordable        8. interest


5. Complete each sentence with the correct form of a phrasal verb from the list.

Hoàn thành mỗi câu theo dạng đúng của cụm động từ. 

  • look up 
  • deal with 
  • turn down 
  • set up 
  • get over 
  • put up with 
  • give up 
  • keep up with 
  • The two countries agreed to ____ diplomatic relations.
  • When you're tired and under stress, it's important to look after yourself and find ways to _____ it.
  • Six people applied for the job, but four of them were ______. 
  • Why don't you__________ this word in the dictionary?
  • Mike had to______ gymnastics because of his injury.
  • I'm going crazy! I can't __________  so much confusion!
  • I think she_______ the quarrel with her close friend.
  • It's difficult to____ changes in technology.
  • Key

  • set up 
  • deal with 
  • turned down 
  • look up 
  • give up 
  • put up with 
  • got over 
  • keep up with 
  • 6. Rewrite the following questions in reported speech, using question words before fo-infinitives.

    Viết lại các câu sau bằng lời nói gián tiếp, sử dụng cấu trúc từ để hỏi + to V 


  • Trang wondered what to wear to the fancy dress party.
  • She couldn't decide whether to help Chau with the money her mum had given to her.
  • Nick wondered where to get those traditional handicrafts.
  •  Phuc had no idea who to turn to for help with his homework.
  •  Hoa was not sure when to break the sad news to him.
  • Everyday English. 

    7. Choose the suitable words/ phrases complete the mini-talks. 

    Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp hoàn thành cuộc hội thoại sau. 

    • what to do 
    • as far as i know 
    • cool 
    • No worries 
    • If I were in your shoes 


    1. A: My face often goes red and hot these

            What should I do?

        B: _____, There's no cause for concern.

    2. A: You look upset. What's the problem?

        B: Well, my cousin wants to share my rc during his visit, but we don't get     on well. I don't know

    3. A: Shall we visit the lantern making works!

        B: _____ ! When should we go?

    4. A: Thanks a lot for your sound advice.

        B: _____. 

    5. A: What do you suggest I should do now?

        B: _____,  I'd take it easy and try to forget it. 


  • As far as i know 
  • what to do 
  • cool 
  • no worries 
  • If I were in your shoes  


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