Project - Unit 9 - Tiếng anh 6 thí điểm

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DAYTOT gửi tới các em bài dịch và hướng dẫn học sinh làm bài tập phần Project - Unit 9 - Tiếng anh 6 thí điểm .


My 5 day journey around the world

  • Choose five cities in the world that you want to visit.
  • Find five interesting facts about each city.
  • Design a poster. Make sure to include the facts about the cities and some pictures!

Chuyến hành trình 5 ngày vòng quanh thế giới của tôi!

  • Chọn 5 thành phố trên thế giới mà bạn muốn đến thăm: Bangkok, Paris, London, New York, Sydney.
  • Tim 5 điểm thú vị về mỗi thành phố

+ Bangkok: Gold Temple, Palace, Markets, Super Shopping Malls, Food.

+ Paris: Eiffel Tower, Rose, Perfume Facturer, Movies, Lourve Museum + London: Big Ben Tower, Buckingham Palace, Red Phone box. Thames river + New York:

1)  In 1857, toilet paper was invented by Joseph c. Gayetty in NYC.

2)   Times Square is named after the New York Times. It was originally called Longacre Square until 1904 when the NYT moved there.

3)    The scary nitrogen gas tanks you see on the corners of streets are used to keep underground telephone wires dry.

+ Sydney:

1)   The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the widest long-span bridge and tallest steel arch bridge in the world, and the 5th longest spanning-arch bridge according to Guinness World Records.

2)    Australia’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibit, "Sculpture by the Sea", began at Bondi Beach in 1996.

3)   The Sydney region has been inhabited by indigenous Australians for at least 30,000 years based on radio carbon dating

4)     The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) constructed between 1893 and 1898 was named to commemorate the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

5)   English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Greek are the main languages spoken in Sydney.



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