Đề thi học kỳ I anh 8 - Sở GD Bắc Giang

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DAYTOT xin gửi tới các em đề thi hết học kỳ I lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh sở GD Bắc Giang năm 2017.


Đề thi học kì 1 môn Anh lớp 8 năm 2017 - Sở GD Bắc Giang

I. Listening. (2 pts)

Part 1. Listen to the recording and choose the appropriate answer A, B or C (1pt). There is one example. You will hear the recording twice.

Ex. 0. What does Robert’s sister do?        

A. She works in an office.

B. She studies at school.

C. She is a student at a college.

1. Where does she live?

A. In a small town

B. In a flat in the city

C. In the country

2. How does she get to class?

A. By bus

B. By taxi

C. By bike

3. What is her favourite class?

A. Science

B. Math

C. Art

4. What is she doing this weekend?

A. go horse riding

B. do homework

C. play volleyball

Your answers:  0. _C_     1. _________ 2. _________  3. _________  4. _________

Part 2. Listen then fill in each numbered blank with ONE suitable word (1pt).


0. Full name:

 Adam   ___Davis___

1. Age:


2. Address:

8, __________________ Street.

3. Phone number:


4. Would prefer to come on:


 II. Choose the word A, B, C or D whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others. (1 pt)


  1.    A. injure                B. knife                       C. kill                             D. sink

  2.    A. soccer               B. notice                      C. photo                         D.grocery    

  3.    A. candy               B. match                     C. wardrobe                   D. rack

  4.    A. cooked             B. lived                       C. played                        D. carried 

Your answers:   1. _________ 2. _________  3. _________  4. _________

III. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences. (2pts)

1. Would you mind opening the window?

A. Yes, I would.               B. No, I wouldn't.      C. No, thanks.             D. Not at all.

2.I know you worked really ____________ this semester.

A. hardly                           B. harder                     C. hardest                    D. hard

3. She advised me_______________late..

A. to not be                       B. not to be                 C. not be                     D. not being

4.She was born________ May 25th,1990.

A. of                                  B. at                            C. in                            D. on

5.The children are old enough to look after____________.

A. them                             B. their                        C. themselves              D. themself.

6. The next train to Newcastle ______________ at 4.45

A.leaves                            B. is leaving                C. is going to leave                 D. left

7.We __________ him since we left high school.

      A.don’t see                       B.didn’t see                 C.haven’t seen            D.won’t see.

  8. You look very __________ today.                      

    A. happiness                    B happy               C happily                        D.happiest.

Your answers:  1. _________ 2. _________  3. _________  4. _________ 5. _________ 6. _________ 

IV. Give the correct tense/ form of the verb in brackets(1 pt)                         Answers:

  1. I ( not see )__________ her recently.                                               __________________________

  2.She ( have ) ___________a birthday party tomorrow .                     __________________________

  3. ( you/ watch) ____________ TV last night ?                                   __________________________

  4. Water (boil) _____________at 100 C .                                            __________________________

V - Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to complete the passage (1pt).

            I went toAustraliaon a student program last year and I like to (1)_______you about it. I was very (2)_______when I knew I was going toAustraliabecause I had never been there before. I didn’t think about the problems of speaking English (3)_______I met my host family. At first I couldn’t communicate with them because my English was so bad. All the five years I had been learning English wasn’t much used at all because we didn’t have real practice at school. Even though my grammar was good, my pronunciation wasn’t. My problem is (4)_______ ‘l’ and ‘r’. For example, Australian people often asked “What do you eat inVietnam?” I wanted to tell them that we eat rice, but they didn’t understand when I said “We eat lice”…

1.  A. say                 B. tell                           C. talk                         D. speak

2.  A. exciting          B. excites                    C. excited                    D. excite

3.  A. after                  B. until                    C. when                       D. while

4.  A. pronouncing             B. speaking                    C. reading                   D. telling

Your answers:  1. _________ 2. _________  3. _________  4. _________

 VI. Read the following passage then answer the questions. (1 pt)

      Sapa is a small town in Lao Cai. It is famous for its natural sites including Silver Waterfall, Ham Rong Mountain, Rattan Bridge, Ta Phin Cave and the peak of Fansipan Mountain, which is considered the rooftop of Indochina. In the past, it used to take people many days to reach the peak. Thanks to the cable car system which was completed in early 2015, visitors now can easily reach the peak of Fansipan Mountain in about 20 minutes. The system, which is considered the longest and highest of its kind in the world, runs from Sapa town to the peak of Fansipan Mountain, and is able to transport 2,000 people each hour. From the cable cars, visitors can enjoy the wonderful landscapes and pure air of the beautiful mountainous town.


1. How long did  it take visitors to reach the peak of Fansipan Mountain in the past ?


2. Is the cable car system the longest and highest of its kind in the world ?


3. What can visitors do from the cable cars system ?


4. What are natural sites in Sapa ?


VII. Rewrite the sentence so that it means as the first ones, beginning with the given words. (0,5 pt)

1.John said to me “ Wait for me outside my office, please”

-> John told me _____________________________________________

2.She is a good English speaker.

  -> He speaks ________________________________________________ 

VIII. Using the suggested words or phrases to write meaningful sentences. (0,5 pt)

1.He/start /learn/this language/in 2004.

  -> ____________________________________________________

2.We/ not see/ each other/ since/ we/ leave/ school.

-> _____________________________________________________ 

IX. In 60-80 words, write a short paragraph about a friend you like best. (1 pt)


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