Đề thi học kỳ II anh 9 - Sở GDĐT Phú Yên

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DAYTOT gửi tới các em đề thi học kỳ II môn Tiếng anh lớp 9 - Sở GD&ĐT Phú Yên.


Đề thi kì 2 môn Anh lớp 9 năm 2017 - Sở GD Phú Yên

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (1 point)

1.   A. tidal      B. earthquake    C. volcano    D. deforestation

2.   A. chopsticks    B. faucets    C. drips    D. models

3.  A. listen    B. typhoon    C. distinguish   D. activity

4.  A. predict    B. sticky    C. priority    C. active

II. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentence.(4 points)

5. We suggest __________ these poor children with some new clothes.

A. helping    B. to help    C. helped    D. help

6. People have been concerned about saving money and __________ resources.

  A. naturally    B. naturalize    C. nature    D. natural

7.Teenagers are now _________ dressed.

  A. fashion    B. fashionable    C. fashionably    D. unfashionable

8. The girl about _________ we are talking is coming.

  A. who      B. whom    C. which    D. that

9. If anybody _________ a question, please ask me after this class.

  A. have    B. has      C. had      D. will have

10. I want to watch the weather forecast. Can you turn _________ the TV for me?

  A. on      B. down    C. off      D. up

11. Classes will be canceled tomorrow _________ it is a national holiday.

  A. therefore    B. because    C. but      D. because of

12. The men and animals _________ you saw on TV were from Australia.

  A. that     B. whom    C. which    D. who

13. If you can’t find your place, I ________ you get there with this map.

  A. will help    B. would help   C. help      D. helped

14. I am fond of travelling. _________, my brother prefers to stay at home.

A. But      B. Although    C. Therefore    D. However
15. He stayed up to watch a late movie on TV _________ he would have an exam the next day.

  A. even though  B. but      C. and      D. so

16.A ________ is a tropical storm that reaches 120 km per hour.

  A. lightning    B. tsunami    C. tornado    D. typhoon  

17. The book ________ is on the table belongs to the teacher.

  A. which    B. that     C. who      D. A and B

18. Two hundred people died in that volcanic __________.

  A. erupt    B. eruption    C. erupted    D. erupts

19.   – “Let me congratulate you on winning the first prize in the English speaking contest.”

        – “___________.”

  A. Well done.          B. You’re welcome   C. That’s very kind of you      D. Good idea

20. Please _______ your shoes before entering a building.

  A. put off    B. take off    C. turn off    D. go off

III. Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the passage. (1 point)

A powerful earthquake (21) _________ the northeast of Japan at 4 P.M last Monday. Although Japan has the most advanced warning system, there had been no early warning for this one and people were not prepared.  Suddenly  the  ground  started  (22)  _________.  The  shaking  continued  (23)  _________  a  few minutes and became stronger. People began running away from buildings (24) _________ walls started to collapse.

21.  A. happened    B. struck    C. strike    D. happen

22.  A. moving    B. moved    C. move    D. to moving

23.  A. on      B. at      C. of       D. for

24.  A. when    B. but      C. so       D. if

IV. Read the text and choose the best option A, B, C or D to answer each question. (1 point)

I  live on  the outskirts of a  city  in Viet Nam. Three years ago, my neighborhood was very  clean and

beautiful,  with  paddy  fields  and  green  trees.  However,  in  the  last  two  years,  some  factories  have

appeared in my neighborhood. They have caused serious water pollution by dumping industrial waste

into  the  lake.  The  polluted  water  has  led  to  the  dead  of  aquatic  animals  and  plants.  Also,  tall

residential buildings have replaced the paddy fields. More people result in more cars and motorcycles.

Poisonous fumes from these vehicle are serious are pollutants.

25. Where does the writer live?

  A. In a city.          B. In central of Viet Nam.

  C. In the rural area.        D. On the outskirts of a city.

26. Did the writer’s neighborhood use to be clean and beautiful?

  A. Yes, it did.    B. No, it didn’t.  C. Yes, he did.   D. No, he didn’t.

27. How long have there been some factories in his neighborhood?

  A. For one year.  B. For two years.  C. For three years.  D. For four years  

28. What kinds of pollution are mentioned in the passage?

  A. Noise pollution and water pollution.  B. Noise pollution and air pollution.

  C. Water pollution and air pollution.    D. Land pollution and water pollution.

V.  Finish  the  second  sentence  so  that  it  has  the  same meaning  as  the  first  one  before  it.  (2 points)

29. He kept on studying. It was noisy.

->  Although ___________________________________

30. Let’s use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

->  I suggest ____________________________________

31. Study hard, or you’ll fail the exam.

-> If ___________________________________________

32. The book is very interesting. I bought it two days ago.

->  The book _____________________________________

VI. Write a passage about your favorite festival. Write about 60 – 80 words. (1 point)

The following questions may help you:

-  What is festival do you like best?

-  When and where is it celebrated?

-  What are the main activities?

-  What do you think about the festival?


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