Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2013 phòng GD Tân Châu

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NĂM HỌC 2013 - 2014


Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút


I/ Circle the word whose underlined, bold part is pronounced differently from the others (1pt)

1. A. sometimes              B. spring                  C. idea                     D. twice

2. A. thick                       B. tooth                    C. this                      D. thirsty

3. A. routine                    B. mouth                  C. mountain              D. round

4. A. bottle                      B. box                       C. volleyball              D. cold

II/ Circle the best words or phrases to complete the sentences (2pts)

5. Lan is hungry. She'd like some ...

A. orange juice                 B. noodles                   C. ice - cream                    D. a drink

6. What is ... dinner today? – There is some meat and some rice.

A. in                                B. on                           C. at                                  D. for

7. My daughter .... jogging every morning.

A. goes                            B. does                       C. makes                           D. takes

8. Her lips aren't full. They are ...

A. fat                               B. thin                         C. short                              D. tall

9. I don't have ... oranges but I have ... apples.

A. any/ any                       B. some/ any               C. some/some                     D. any/ some

10. Why don't we go to the movies tonight? -.............

A. Yes, I do.                      B. I don't think so.        C. That's a good idea.          D. No, we don't.

11. Tokyo is ........than Mexico City.

A. small                             B. smaller                   C. smallest                          D. the smallest

12. Miss Chi has full lips and ....

A. teeth small white             B. white small teeth     C. white teeth small              D. small white teeth

III/ Give the correct form or tense of the verb in each bracket (1pt)

13. When it is hot, Ba (go) swimming.

14. There (not, be) any water in the bottle.

15. Lan and Nga (drink) iced tea at the moment.

16. Lan (visit) her grandmother tomorrow morning.

IV/ Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B. (1pt)




17. What is there to drink?

A. It’s cool.


18. How much are your shoes?

B. She is Chinese.


19. What is the weather like in the fall?

C.They are fifty thousand dong.


20. What’s her nationality?

D. There is some milk.


V/ Complete the passage with the suitable words from the box and answer the questions below (3pts)

never        watching            homework       goes

Mai is a good student in my class. She is never late for school. At home, she often does her (21) ___________ and helps her parents with the housework. She likes (22) ________ television and reading Hoa Hoc Tro Newspaper. She plays badminton and (23) _____________ swimming with her friends twice a week. She (24) ___________ plays video games in her free time.

Answer the questions about Mai:

25. Is Mai often late for school?

26. What does she often do at home?

27. How often does she go swimming?

28. Does she often play video games in her free time?

VI/ Rearrange the words into the meaningful sentences (1pt)

29. meat/ much/ want/ you/ how/ do?

30. the/ aren't/ kitchen/ cooking oil/ there/ bottles/ any/ of/ in

VII/ Answer about you (1pt)

31. What is your favorite food?

32. What are you going to do after exam?

.... THE END....

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